New medication and dare I say… hope?

I went to the doctor last week that I’ve been waiting 3 months to see and that was the stomach specialist. I was put on Bentyl and it instantly started to give me relief. I noticed a difference right away with how I felt, but it also makes me really sleepy and kinda nauseous if I am not careful with timing my doses just right.  I have to follow up with scopes and biopsies to rule out the major stuff but overall I feel a lot better.

I am hesitant to say that I have hope because if I have another bad flare up and I end up back in the ER I may cry. The doctor I saw did say that there is fluid in my abdomen where there shouldn’t be and I need to figure out the cause, and she mentioned drains … ew.

So here is to hoping that we are on the right track with treatment and relief.

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