Witchy Ways

I had a Wiccan blog on hello-karyn.org and that made me feel like I some how had to separate it from my daily, personal life. Thinking on that it made me realize that while the information was GREAT my personal feelings about my Craft wasn’t included in my personal blog. I felt like a professor, unfeeling and just teaching.

So this is my belief’s page. This is where I define what I believe.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I’ve struggled with this for a long time, trying to figure out why good people suffer. I understand now more so than ever that there is a reason for everything. If its meant to be it will be.


I was born, baptized and raised in a Mormon (LDS) house hold. My family wasn’t the picture perfect LDS family, we had a lot of issues. But for a long time I had a very strong faith in the church, and completed my Young Women’s in Excellence program, received my necklace and was pretty content. I went to Girl’s Camp every year, EFY on scholorship, and even Super Saturday’s etc.

Right around 12 years old I began having depression/anxiety/self injury issues. I talked with my bishop at the time a lot because he was familar with the mental health issues I was going through. I asked him one day why he believed what he believed and he, being a convert told me that after trying so many things, this is what made sense.I wasn’t a convert and I had no idea why it made sense, just that it is what I was taught. He encouraged me to do my own research but to remember the scripture.

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.” Sorry that’s totally paraphrasing. I believe that is found in James… anyway. I did do the research and upon realizing that Witchcraft wasn’t just a Hollywood story idea but an actual religion… I was hooked. I felt at home. I picked up a set of tarot cards, and WHAM I knew I could read them and I have been ever since.

I believe in the Wiccan Rede, the three fold law, and the 13 laws of being a witch. I believe that with the right attitude and vision anything is possible.

I consider myself a Wiccan and a Witch, more so a Kitchen Witch. I make do with what I’ve got and am very home and hearth bound. I’m by no means a domestic goddess but I do enjoy making a home. If that makes sense.

Well all my readers this is all for now. I’ll write more as I think of it but for now feel free to e-mail me karyn@mama-uncensored.com for more info!

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