The Mistress


I’m Karyn

Formerly of and other blogs. I am 33 years young. I’m married to my best friend DJ. Together we have two beautiful special needs children John and Jason and a bonus child from his first marriage Turk. We also have three cats Thor, Lillith and Loki that we rescued.  I run on coffee (Tim Horton’s is my favorite.) sarcasm, photography and music. I love to sing.  I used to take voice lessons in high school, but I wanted and still want to be a writer. Or a Photographer or both.

I was raised in a home with a Mother and Father that worked very hard many hours a week. But wasn’t there emotionally and thought that if he could throw money at it it would fix all the things. I currently do not speak with my father because of a long sordid history. I do have mental health issues and am a recovering cutter. Its been a very long hard road to get to where I am and I have slipped up but I am doing very well.

Didn’t you used to be?

Fat? Well yeah. I had gastric bypass in 2012 and got pregnant 18 months out from the surgery.  5 months later I became pregnant again and gave birth in 2015 and began the fight for my life literally. I perforated my original stomach as a result of a very severe bowel obstruction and instantly became septic. I was wound vacc’d and the joke of dressing up for leftovers for Halloween became suddenly a lot less funny. I was forced to live with a very large hernia for a year until my body became stable enough for the repair.

Weren’t you raised?

I was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka LDS aka Mormon. We are not affiliated with the fundamental church or polygamy whatsoever. During my teen years, I began to experiment with witchcraft and Wicca. I consider myself religiously fluid right now in my life because of the fact that I am a very spiritual person and I’m really unsure what I believe right now.

Don’t you review stuff?

Yes. I have been doing product reviews since around 2006. I took a break for awhile because of really wanting to get into Google SEO and making sure I was well versed with keywords. I was also going through a hard time with PPD and almost dying. I am back in full force with it and hope to become a great asset to the product review community.

Where can I find you?