About the Woman

13912886_10100146877339154_6559893542668118956_n Welcome to my little corner of the interwebz! My name is Karyn. I’m currently 32 years young married and babied geek.

Didn’t you used to be…..?

Fat? Yeah. During my twenties I was angry, bitter and fat. Like really fat.  Over 300 lbs fat. My entire life was unhealthy. I let people walk all over me and made a lot of bad choices and by the time I decided to research gastric bypass I was 345 lbs and living in daily pain. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 14, and have always had weight issues, but I love healthy food. The problem wasn’t over eating, it was eating the wrong foods  (carbs) and eating too few calories (one meal a day.) On May 18 2012 I under went RNY gastric bypass. During these past years I’ve lost 185 pounds.

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…. But didn’t you almost….

Die? Yes. In the summer of 2015 I was pregnant with my youngest son, and at 37 weeks and being sick for a week and a half, I was going to beg for a C section because I knew something was very wrong. My body had other plans however, and I went in for a check up, and my son was delivered after one push. I ate because I felt better than I had in days, and I settled down with my newborn baby and DJ and relaxed and went to sleep when it was time.

However I woke up around 2 am in agony. Something was wrong. Morphine wasn’t helping and by 7 am I was in the first of 8 surgeries. My original stomach perforated because of a bowel obstruction. My intestines got stuck in the blind loop of bowel the RNY gastric bypass forms. And the intestines that were caught became necrotic and died, so now I have short gut syndrome as well as malabsorbtion due to the RNY. But if I didn’t have the weight loss surgery I wouldn’t be able to have had my children.


Aren’t you studying….

To become a photographer? Yes. I am on a break from it right now because I’m still on medical leave. But once I have clearance I am going to go back to school and get my degree. I love photography so much its the one thing I go to bed thinking about and wake up thinking about, besides my children and coffee.