Since I have been on a bariatric diet now for 5 years and eat high protein, low carb, and have modified a lot of recipes to fit into my macros I figured that I would extend some of my favorites here.

Seafood Zoodles
1 medium zuchinni
1 cup of shrimp
1 cup of chopped immitation crab meat
1 cup of onions
1 cup of chopped strawberries
1 clove garlic
2 tsp of Raspberry Vingerette (sugar free)
half a cup of feta or goat cheese crumble
half a cup of chopped almonds or pecans
half a cup of snow peas

In a frying pan with butter or 1 tsp coconut oil take the zuchinni and using a sprializer create noodles from your zuchinni. Lightly fry the zoodles until they start to brown, adding in the onion and shrimp, crab, garlic, peas and nuts. Lightly brown making sure that the shrimp are browned and well cooked. Take off the heat adding the raspberry vingerette, cheese, strawberries and mix together. Section into 4 servings and either freeze or put into the fridge.

What I love about this dish is that you can add to it or subtract what you like and what you will eat. You can add an alfredo sauce to it or even heat butter, goat cheese and cream cheese with garlic and you’ll have a fresh dish that’s also rich and creamy.

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