Domain History

I started blogging before blogging was cool. I started out my blog with geocities, then livejournal, then blogger, and then my first ever bought domain. I purchased around 2000. I loved that blog but it was very much my high school nightmare and angst all rolled into one. So I let that go. I jumped around from blog to blog.. twice to finally which I loved. But being so new to using the .nu extension I had no idea that I had to renew it with in a month before it was due or I’d have to pay almost triple what it was originally.

So for the next two years I was under which got a lot of porn type searches in my search menus and I was not comfortable with that at all and gave that up. There was also a lot of drama written into this blog and memories I didn’t care to remember.

I then bought not realizing that a friend on twitter had the .com name to the blog I knew it sounded familiar but I didn’t place it until like two weeks ago. I had to renew it this month anyway so I just let it go because I wanted to be more authentic to myself.

I started a side project a week ago called karynology. It was a free wordpress site but it really got me excited to blog again. And I realized that I missed having a blog with my name in it. So I bought And I love it. I love having a blog where I will stretch out my wings and find my own place in this world and get out of the Mommy niche. Because I am more than a Mom. I’m a person with interests and likes.

I just need to find better time management to get all of these things done.