Talk about a light bulb

Last night I had a man “mansplain” to me that my gut instincts don’t matter and what the police and FBI put out about the warning signs for scams and human trafficking are bullshit. This happened in a photography group, so I left the group because you don’t ignore law enforcement’s warnings. 

I also did a lot of thinking and I realized that I don’t have to participate in anything online unless I choose too. I don’t have to defend myself or where I live, my history or choices to people that don’t matter to me other then a name on a friend’s list. 

And I think that realizing this and wanting to live my best life has me motivated to live better. To be more present, and to make goals daily for myself. 

I lost my voice over the past three years and I’m unsure if it was the stress of trying to be the perfect mother, boss babe, insert label here. Or
if was the journey from my medical trauma. And I want my voice back. I want to go back to creating this beautiful life. 

I want to get back to creating myself, to creating beautiful things with my art and my photography. I know that this will be a long road and it will be worth every minute. 

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