Happy Sunday!

I woke up with plans to fix a laptop hard drive that need repaired, and to do laundry and make sure the house is tidy for the up coming week. And I woke up in horrible pain so my plans have to be reworked so I don’t over spend my spoons.  It is frustrating that the weather can control how I am going to be feeling for the next 24 hours. If its raining I am very sore and find myself trying that much harder to keep moving, and to keep my muscles from cramping. Nobody likes a charlie horse.

I am currently obsessed with Eat Your KimChi on Youtube Simon and Martina are freaking funny and the food they eat looks so delicious.  I highly recomend their channel. What I really like is how open she is about have EDS and instead of saying that she has it and being sad about it she #buildsalatter to get out of the bad times and to concentrate on the good. I love this attitude and have adopted this myself. So I am going to go read and rest while my children nap since they were up late last night so when they get up I can get lunch and dinner around and finish up the laundry. I am really trying to take care of myself a lot better then I was, I no longer want to let depression win.



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