Vegan protein shake mix..

I have been drinking protein shakes since 2011 when I began my weight loss journey and gastric bypass pre-op routine. My go too was Big Train, Click, and Body Fortress. Then my medical emergency happened and for awhile I could not stomach protein shake mix in any form. I depended on actual food to get my protein intake in and a lot of the times I failed miserably.

Well, our local Amish Market has a lot of amazing finds that are really good deals. I am always on the lookout for different mixes there because protein shakes are so expensive and when you’re drinking two or more of them a day it can really add up.

I love vanilla and chocolate. I often add peanut butter, PB2, or even matcha powder to my mixes to vary the flavors up. I did try the sugar-free flavored coffee syrups and hazelnut seems to be a really nice smooth taste. But since I was a little girl I have gone through phases of lactose sensitivity. It was so bad when I was younger that I had to take Lactate or else I would get violently ill, and my family loves ice cream. My Aunty Val actually prides herself on knowing where all the good ice cream places are and she even gave John his first taste of ice cream too. (I believe Jason also had his first ice cream with Aunty Val.) Its really just a family tradition.

But since I was having problems with milk I began using almond milk and soy milk which tastes amazing but often times you must use a blender (I use a Ninja bullet style blender myself.) and since I already have to drag that out of the cupboard I usually make it into a smoothy. But there are times that I don’t have enough spoons to do this.

  So I was delighted at this Amish market find. For $5.99 I got a protein shake that I could mix with water easily but was also plant-based. I didn’t know a vegan or vegetarian-friendly shakes existed. And this not only has a really smooth texture once it’s mixed, the powder is very fine. The taste is really wonderful and tastes like a true chocolate bar. I’ve added coffee to this and it still mixes well and makes for a good mocha frapp style drink.  This is also one of the first protein shakes that I could stomach after my hernia repair and since I am doing a pouch reset this week to help detox my system and make sure that I am hydrated and back on track with my weight loss and lifestyle plan I drink at least one glass of this a day and I still have yet to tire of it. You can use ice cold water and even add ice in a blender or add almond/soy/coconut milk to it to make a creamy delightful breakfast.

My kids even like it. They steal drinks from it when I’m not looking because to them it tastes like chocolate milk without all the extra sugar. Since they are so hyper already I have been modifying their diets to low sugar and I really don’t like giving them dyes and other processed ingredients.

I don’t often get excited about products like this, but this product thrills me. It doesn’t sit like a rock in my pouch like I have experienced other products to do, and I am full. I usually feel the need to graze on snacks throughout the day but with these shakes, I no longer have that temptation. And so far I’ve lost 25 lbs! I can’t beat that!


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