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As a Mom of two little boys and a husband that works the night shift and having to pack a lunch because the entire family is trying to be healthier, the budget is at times stretched very thin. (Especially when your husband is a picky eater, but your toddlers are happy to eat fruits and vegetables.) So I have been working on couponing and contacting companies to be mailed coupons so I can share the experiences here on my blog.
One of the many, many resources, of course, is the blogging community. You can do a simple google search for “Mommy blog list to request coupons from.” These bloggers have taken the time and effort to gather the information so all you have to do is click, sign up, or print your coupons. This helps tremendously for many reasons. Moms are very busy people and sometimes are very overwhelmed.
So I have gathered a list of blog resources for you, my readers, to utilize when you are budgeting. I’ll also be getting my own list of companies to e-mail and or contact by phone.
This blog is one you should start with because this will tell you how to contact companies and what to tell them in the e-mail. Request Coupons Directly from Companies. This is a great kick start to your couponing blog adventures. Should you decide to document your journey.
The second blog that we should start out with is Master List of Companies to Contact for Coupons. This tells you how to go about e-mail, this blog will tell you her experiences and also has many other resources in her blog.
Another blog that you should visit is The Coffee Mom not only is this Mom a Mom after my own heart (I love coffee.) but she also has a really cool blog filled with resources. She also has an entire page of her blog dedicated to a Ultimate Blogger Resource List.. This helps you find things that you need and save yourself some time to do so. I plan on doing something very much like this as well, but her blog is worth checking out.
I am excited to start on this journey. I don’t plan to become a crazy extreme coupon lady but I do like being frugal and in the winters I have no issues dumpster diving for pet foods and such. This isn’t exactly a new project for me, but it is something that I plan to try to share with my readers to maybe help them with their family’s food budgets.

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