Life Update.

My life… well I am still in pain which sucks, but my doctor’s appointment went well and we are working on getting my reproductive organs removed, so that should help with the once a month hell that is my period. With this comes some honesty that no woman really wants to admit. That we, as women, need to advocate for ourselves because we are ’emotional beings’ well no crap we are emotional we have a lot going on. With being a house wife, a sister wife (inside joke), a mother, on top of doing blog work, photography.. its really just a lot. A. LOT. And I’ve noticed some things that concern me so with the OBGYN referral I’ll be talking with this doctor about the newly found pain when I have sex with my husband, and other discomforts that could lead to nothing, or something more. I do have PCOS and I do understand that I have chronic cysts… but these things that I’m going through now are different.


There’s also some newness around the home as well, and no I’m NOT PREGANT. But there are changes that will preset themselves when the time is right. We do have a new cat in the home that we all love and adore. Although with having three mostly black cats makes for a lot of “cat loading” humor. Thor loves the crap out of this new playmate, and Lilly is completely loving the new attention.

I have a renewed focus on my blog, PR, product reviews and working from home. And I am determined to make this work. I even cleaned out my office and rearranged it. God I love my life, I love the people in it and I couldn’t ask for better.

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