New Doctor= New Hope?

I’ve been pretty silent on this matter because it touches so many people and yet there is no clear-cut answer. My PCP was refusing to write out the referrals that I needed for anything. I wasn’t being tested for Fibro or the lack thereof I was just given two medications in the same class and was told to keep moving and to keep trying. Well duh, I have children.

But I had no answers and was in pain daily to the point where my home started to suffer because I could only do one room at a time, take three days to recover only to find that one room destroyed because of the kids. I was not being sent to a pain clinic or anything to test for what was going on with my body.

So I changed doctors down to where my life was saved and she heard me. She listened to me and said she has no problems with referrals whatsoever because I want answers, not a band-aid and to ignore it, and to only let things get worse in the long run. The first step in my process is to get to an OBGYN so that I can get a full hysterectomy since I can no longer have children without killing myself. The next is to get a complete blood workup done.

Once those things are done then it will be more specialists and more testing but we are going to find and treat what is wrong with me. I am so exhausted from trying to keep myself going and doing all of the mother things at the same time as trying to make sure I don’t overdo it and just continue the cycle of overdoing it and then being back at square one.

I am beyond thankful that I finally have someone listening to me and on my side instead of just ignoring me.

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