Spending New Year’s sick is not my idea of fun.

The hazards of having children in public schools during cold and flu season are that they become tiny Petri dishes. John and Jason have been fighting off an upper respiratory infection for a while now and had finished antibiotics and night before last Jason began spiking a fever and puked all over me and the floor. Yesterday his fever wouldn’t come down with Tylenol or Motrin so we took him to a local Emergency Room- where get this: THREE children all around the same age (my son being one of them) were all there for the same thing. There’s a super virus going around and its hitting young children and seniors the hardest.

Oh and those with weakened immune systems like me. So today the children have been pretty good today with acting well until right around dinner.  Jason started to cry again like he was running a fever and he ended up falling asleep at the dinner table. So I picked him up since I’d already given him Motrin again and he fell asleep on my lap and is now asleep on the couch. I feel so horrible for my baby. John is doing well just cranky and I can barely breathe my nose is so stuffed up.

So needless to say that our New Year’s is starting off with one hell of a cold. I am doing a pouch reset starting the 1st and I was going to start a cardio routine again but that won’t be happening until I am well enough to go up the stairs without being out of breath.

I am working on setting up planners and getting things organized for 2018 to be my best year ever. I just wish I wasn’t sick for the first week of it lol. I know I’m overreaching on the exact time frame. But still being sick is no fun.

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2 thoughts on “Spending New Year’s sick is not my idea of fun.

  1. Up until December I worked with kids — up to 95 at a time — so I’ve pretty much spent every single weekend, every holiday, every everything sick in some way, and I’ve had every strain of every tummy bug out there.. yum. Like you, I have limited immunity. I sympathise.

    But it’s extra horrid when it’s a kid being ill and there’s very little you can do. 🙁

    Maybe a stupid question, but what is a pouch reset? I assume it’s a WLS term?

    1. LOL yes. Basically my pouch is really acting up and since I can’t physically vomit unless its admitted to a hospital type thing, I have to reset every so often.

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