Christmas is over.

So I’m one of those Moms that after awhile I just want my living room back. Take down the flashy lights and the tree and let me make a little area for all of my children’s new toys, that they refuse to take upstairs because they are NEW NEW NEW so I can begin my journey to minimalism.

Right now I’m watching “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” while working on my blog. I have some good posts planned for the next week including a review on the Ninja Coffee Bar and if its really worth your money.  I also have some other really awesome ideas for book reviews and such so hang in there this blog is going to be much, much more active!

I’ve also ordered two recollection planners to use as well as my bullet journal for the new year’s planning system. I’m going to be using a budget system as well as these two things and starting very soon I’ll be doing hopefully my own stickers and such with the cutting machines I have right now to save money. I’m going to do my best to do a no spend year so that we can get an emergency fund started.

I will be implementing a lot of strict budgets so that bills and groceries are paid first, and everything else is going into savings. Wish us luck!

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