The kids first Santa visit

With my health the way it has been for the past few years, and my being totally against the Santa Myth at first we never got around to get the kids to see Santa. We also wanted to wait until they are older so they wouldn’t flip out and cry.  So we got a phone call yesterday that Santa would be locally in one place and since we had to run to Wal-Mart (something I do not recommend this close to Christmas.) we decided to get the kids dressed and go see Santa.

We had to get the boys new boots so the first picture we had with Santa both the kids were barefoot because their old boots were in the cart and we wanted to try on the new shoes with socks on before we threw out the old boots, so of course once we got out of Wal-Mart we dressed their feet extra good and went to see the second Santa. They were so cute. And so happy.

 I dressed them in green so they would be at least festive but not so much red my eyes would bleed. The pictures turned out really adorable and I am really in the Christmas spirit now and can’t wait to start wrapping presents. <3


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