Christmas shopping done.

Thank god for Amazon Prime. I managed to get all of the presents for the kiddos that I wanted to get them.  So with this, all extra time that I have now just waiting for them to come in and then wrap it I am going from room to room and sorting through each room and Kon Mari method happens and I am down sizing everything in this house.  With my chronic pain issues I am having a hard time keeping up with house work with out having to recoup for a few days only to have the house trashed again my toddlers. So in the spirit of health and simplicity I am only keeping what we need vs what we want. I also want to spend less so we can start saving up for a down payment for a house. Which is something that I really want is to be able to own our own home.

I really want to become the best self I can be for my family and in 2018 I want to be able to really get my life together and finish my photography degree, as well as start a savings account and get out of debt as much as we can.  I’ve designed a bullet journal to help with the goals I have set for myself including getting down to my goal weight again.

The tree is up and the house is decorated, well it was until the cats and the children got ahold of the tree.  Now  I have to get the tree back up to where it was. Thankfully most of the ornaments are plastic and can just be rehung.  I wasn’t really into the spirit of Christmas because we have so much stuff now that we don’t know what to do with it all.

So I’m starting a 40 bags in 40 days challenge and I’m starting with the laundry. Because we still have baby clothing. And since I don’t wanna end up on the next episode of hoarders its time to clean out stuff.

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