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If you follow me on Instagram @healthywifehealthylife you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot of selfies because I am super puffy. I’ve gained a lot of weight thanks to poor habits along with the depo shot. But I’ve decided during 2018 that I am going to live my best life and make good choices and become healthy.

It’s not just me anymore and I think a lot of bad habits has resurfaced because I’ve been so concerned with my children, my wedding, and my husband. I have literally taken no time for me and that’s affected, my children.  I have become cranky and weak. Before my near-death experience and battling back to health along with having false allegations filed against me for stupid reasons that were found untrue and thankfully nothing came of it. But it’s.0 just the point that my overall well being, including my mental health.

Upon research, I’ve realized that because of PCOS and having the gastric bypass I need to stick to the No Carb Rule. And replace with low carb gluten free options. I’ve found that eating a lot of carbs and gluten makes me feel like crap. I’ve also been so depressed that I haven’t kept on my vitamin routine as well for the past couple of months because of finances.

Thankfully, now things are calming down money wise I can re-organize my vitamins and since I’ve rigged a bullet journal system made from two Lechturms1917 and I put them into my unringed filofax domino (In pink.)  I tucked each cover into the pocket and bound the two center covers together. I’ve started a weight loss goal and a plan to do it, step by step. I plan on blogging and possibly vlogging my experiences with eating healthy, making sure that my water intake is met and my macro’s are still met.

My over all goal in 2018 is to be healthy and for my family to be healthy too. So that means once the junk food is gone from my home there will be no more, and the noodles and pastas and stuff we do have will be donated, or used strictly for the children.  I really want to start feeling like myself again, and in order to do that I have to work for it.

2017 was a shit show in no uncertain terms and it was a really dark time for me and mine, but we all are healthy now and we have each other.

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