Which way is up?

This is basically how I feel about the holidays around the corner, and the fact that I have so much I want to do vs what I can actually do within my budget. This is nothing new and I think I may start buying things early next year for Christmas.

I am also continually purging the house of any too small clothing for the kids and trying to get my own act organized before the new year. I’ve become obsessed with bullet journals and traveler’s notebooks and everything stationary which I will say is different the planner related because there’s like two planners (inkwell and LimeLife) that you can use a fountain pen on. On the low end, there is 1 and that’s the Happy Planner.

I really like the customization of the bullet journal and how I can change it as I need it. I will admit that I have gown down the rabbit hole of youtube videos and I regret nothing.  There are some very talented people out there in both the leather working side such as Foxy Fix which is my #1 gift idea for myself, to just the layouts in the Lecthurn 1917. My weeks are not set in stone and only two days of the week I HAVE to do something (headstart) first thing in the AM and the rest of the day is cleaning.

I do have to wake up my husband so I can get my cuddle time before he goes to work but other then that I’m a pretty easy going parent. I have to get back into school which is also a priority the migraines I was suffering from pretty much still control my life, but I’ve decided to no longer let it.

One of the neighbor’s that owns a cabin up on the hill got two buck in one day and gave one to Ron. I was there helping during the processing of the deer and we got deer meat to take home. I love hunting season and the sear kindness that strangers have towards us small town folks. Tonight I am making deer ribs in the air fryer. It smells heavenly in here.

I don’t have my tree up yet, I think I’ll ask DJ about that tonight with both the kids home. We may be struggling but we have this amazing bond. I am worried about Jason because he’s basically slept all day and for him that’s weird. But I also didn’t go visit Mom today and kept him and his runny nose home and gave him day time toddler meds (Thank you Hylands #notsponsed)  and it seemed to have knocked him right out.

John and Jason are getting more vocal then what they were a month ago. Jason is currently beat boxing and making all kids of noises and clicks as well as saying words. I got myself a Kindle Fire on Black Friday and I am testing the boys to see how they use it and so far so good. I may end up getting each of them one, with the child proof case for each. One in Blue one in Red.

Life is good.  Sunday we went down with my sister and her husband and daughter to my Aunt’s for Christmas dinner and it was really nice. Weird being the adults in this situation with our kids since WE were the kids. But it was a lot of fun and it made me realize some things I need to change with the boys.

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