Life or something like it.

Life has been kicking my butt lately, between physical and mental health issues and being unmedicated for about a month I was struggling.  I was also unknowingly getting my first period since the depo shot, which btw was hell. Thankfully, I was able to get my medications at a steep discount and our finances are turning around as is our insurance being activated October 1.

I really wanted to blog and I had a million ideas but zero drive to actually do anything about it. My stomach started to act up again, which was a huge problem because the pain was unbearable enough for me to need trips to the ER to get pain management and CT scans.

I’ve been using CBD oil for myself and the children avidly since John started head start. That’s another exciting thing that happened to us, is that John started headstart! He’s learning so much and is talking so much better. I am so beyond thankful that he was able to go.

School is going well and I’m learning a lot about the field of photography, the history, and basics. I also understand that I have a ton to learn.  And I’m very excited to do this. I find this study to be a lot better for me because it’s more tactical. I have physical things to read as well as take notes with.

Its that time of year again where we are at the planner order time of year and I’m exploring the options that are out there. I really want an inkwell press planner but I can’t afford the price tag that goes along with it. I also do not have a local Office Max, just a Staples.

There was a girl on my facebook that needed to give a kitten away and I jumped at the chance and ended up with three kittens that would have in turn either ended at the pound and since two of the three are black in my area being superstitious and would most likely be killed, I absolutely took them in as well. I have a huge heart when it comes to furry babies. (and snakes)

I’ve been with out a laptop for awhile now because my children did something to my macbook pro and my Dell also crapped the bed as well.  So I’ve been doing everything from a desktop computer in my office, which with two toddlers is almost impossible to do, since I can’t even do dishes with out them getting into something.

I also apparently can’t do dishes with out injurying myself. Yesterday I had planned on staying home to clean and cut my thumb on a glass bowl that had gotten chipped. I seriously screamed “What the hell?” put pressure on it and ran upstairs woke DJ up the rest of the way with “Baby wake up I’m bleeding!”

My children god love them, started yelling for their Pop Pop “Ron!!!” and I was trying not to freak out because it did look like I needed stitches but because I didn’t know for sure- we wrapped my hand up in towel and drove over to Ron’s. (I am so thankful for him. I really am.)

So yeah, that’s life as I know it right at this moment. I don’t know why I’m so compelled to write this next part, but maybe because I hoped someone would have written this when I was feeling low.

You are important. You are someone’s person. Someone’s family member and friend. Don’t ever think that you’re alone and not worth reaching out for help. Because you are worth it. You can and will get through this. I promise.

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