I’m being stalked…

So there’s this crazy woman in my town, that no lie, she would get drunk take a guy home, have sex with said guy and the next morning call the state police because they ‘raped’ her. Well, apparently I am her new target of crazy town. She twice TWICE has seen my children at the window, for whatever reason, and has yelled at them and talked to them to try to get my oldest son’s attention.

My oldest son, for the most part, is non-verbal. We have a speech therapist coming to the house, and we are working with signs for needs like eating, potty time and he makes up his own for hugs and kisses. So it’s not like he can hold a conversation with you.

The last time it happened Jason was in the crib because it was first thing in the morning and I WAS IN THE FREAKING SHOWER. John (my oldest) had just come in to say “HI!” as he loves to do when I’m shampooing my hair and my guard is down. (Welcome to motherhood.) Well, my midsized dog go out of the window because the screen hadn’t been down where it should have been. So my son is calling the dog into the house and then once she’s in closes the window.

So I get out of the shower throw on my robe and I’m holding it closed because my band is no where to be found, and this woman is screaming at me to pull down the window. I did and she’s freaking out on me. Telling me that my kids were on the roof. Ok first off one of them is in the crib and he can’t get out, secondly there was a witness that saw the whole thing happen and John WAS NOT ON THE ROOF. But yet this bitch is running her mouth all over town lying about what really happened.

So my small little town, no one can mind their own business. Everyone has to know whatever everyone else is doing – except me I don’t care. And they think its perfectly ok to make up lies about my kids. Lies that are very serious and could end up in a CPS call.

So I have been OCD to the extreme with my home, dishes are done as soon as they are dirtied, the floors are mopped and swept twice a day and .. you get the idea.

I feel like I can’t spend any time with my kids because if I do and the house goes uncleaned and someone were to show up… yeah disaster. I’m also trying to figure out how I can put a protection order from this crazy person. She goes out of her way to walk past my house every single day, like she’s waiting for me to screw up. I’m here alone with the kids 85% of the time and the rest of the time I’m either at my mom’s or appointments. So yeah, this crazy woman and kiss my grits. I’m a good mom and she needs to mind her own business!

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