So many stories.

I love watching story time videos on YouTube. I really want to do this but I’m lacking a camera, for one, and two, my anxiety runs way high and I would have to shoot at night while the kids are in bed, because toddlers.

Also, I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff in my past and while they would make great story times I don’t necessarily want to relive those moments. I mean I was a rebellious teen and a defiant woman in my 20’s. There are a lot choices I made that lead me to where I am now, but they are in the past and I don’t think I wanna talk about them.

Also there’s the fact that most of the YouTubers that do have story times are also doing make up tutorials and can look flawless. Because of my eye sight (very near sighted y’all) I cannot do my make up on camera because I can’t see well enough to do it with out my glasses with out being two inches from a mirror.

This maybe something I put on the back burner because I really think I could do this- but I also need to get better lighting, a better camera, and of course more confidence in myself.

*Le Sigh*



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