I’m alive. Really.

So yesterday was spent yet again in an ER. What I thought was a very bad ovarian cyst turned out to be a severe UTI. I really thought there for a few minutes that the doctor was going to tell me that I needed my appendix out. The pain was that bad.

Its been a struggle trying to get my fibro meds right and keep myself from spiralling into a pit of depression. At first I thought it was this new med I’m on, but it wasn’t. I was put on Lyrica and it was literally like two weeks of hell. I thought I would have to check myself into the hospital because the episode got so severe.

But I always track my health in my bujo and it was after I looked over this book and it all started with taking Lyrica.

Other than that my life is rather boring. I stay home with the kids, clean, or try to fight this headaches.  I really dunno what to write about. I have ideas but that’s it. I have zero drive to really do anything except being a Momma.

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