Box Subscriptions: Get what you’re paying for?

I’ve been getting book boxes since last August when I got my very first Owlcrate box and I’ve become rather addicted to book boxes.

So far I’ve gotten

  • Owlcrate
  • Once Upon A Book Club/Once Upon a Book Club YA
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Book Loot

I have to say that all of these run under $40. I have gotten” Caraval” in one of my Owlcrates, candles, tea, book marks and of course pins. Each month is a different themed box with loot and books. In one of my Bookloot boxes I’ve gotten a full size funko figure, and in Mirror Mirror steam punk themed necklaces. This box ships out the 20th of every month.

The Once Upon a Book club box is where you read the book, and as you’re reading there’s themed presents that correspond with what you’re reading. So instead of getting all your loot all at once you get it as you’re reading the story. You may get a purse, or a photo you just never know.  This box usually ships right around the 20th as well so you’re hit with boxes and books galore! Sometimes its hard to choose with book to read first! The YA box debuted last month and it was an amazing book. I didn’t even want to open the presents it was such a good book. “The Hidden Memory of Objects” was a good first impression for the YA genre centered around this book. I loved it.

Book loot is amazing, the first box I got “The Bone Witch” and a bunch of fantasy themed items like candles, matchbook, stationary. The candles smell amazing no matter what box you get. You
This box does come earlier in the month and it is so worth it because this book box is unique and unlike the other boxes.

Mirror Mirror is a box that I wasn’t impressed with at first. The book “You’re welcome Universe” was an awesome read which made me give the box another chance. The thing I really do not like about this book box is that you don’t get the box the month you pay for it. Like I got March’s box in April, and Aprils box today May 11, 2017. This month’s theme is steam punk which is awesome and did come with a lot of improved loot and a very interesting book. “The Gauntlet” is a very Jumunji feeling book just upgraded to steam punk. I look forward to reading this book, but this will probably be the last time I purchase this box.  I want the box the month I pay for it.

All in all I really love Owlcrate, BookLoot and Once upon a Book Club. I may get more book oriented boxes in the future just to see what is what and how much bang for your buck.


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