The continuing saga of CBD oil

Yesterday I was scared out of my mind. I thought I had another problem with my intestines. My head hurt but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. The fact that my stomach was very tight, and the muscles burned like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was a nightmare.

I didn’t realize until the end of the day that my vape barrel had cracked. This was a problem because I wasn’t getting the full dose I needed. Which is why the physical pain was so unbearable yesterday. Once I replaced the vape pen barrel to a new one and replaced the Peppermint with the strawberry I’d gotten from another company that actually is a distributor and once I replace that it made a huge difference. Here’s some need to know items.


When you get the oils of Amazon, they are high MG doses but they are thin easily vaped, but you have to vape a lot in order for it to make a difference. When you order CBD oil from an actual distributor like Charlotte’s Web , or other places like this you’re getting a lower MG dose (Amazon dose was 250 MG the dose from the distributor was 100 MG) you’re getting a very thick sticky liquid. If you’re a weed smoker or know someone who is, and you’ve heard them talk about “sticky” weed, this oil very much reminds me of that. Its thick, gold colored and very, very sticky.

This is because even though it is only 100MG you need LESS of it vaped to get a better effect. I used to take up to ten drags with the peppermint first thing in the morning with my coffee to begin to make my pain go away. With this lower dose I can take 2-3 and feel the effects much quicker. And the liquid in the vape pen will last much longer because its so thick.


You know this matters if you don’t plan on vaping it and using it in the under the tongue method. I have three flavors and will be getting more in the next week or so. So I will be updating as I go.

Unflavored: Unless you’re vaping this and adding flavors too it, or are a veteran weed smoker do not vape this. Do not use it ‘under the tongue’ method either because it will tastes like you’ve just eaten a bowl and drank the bong water. Legit its gross. I haven’t vaped this yet, so THD on taste while vaped.

Peppermint: This was a very thin formula and at first it tasted like peppermint flavored ass. Not even weed, just peppermint flavored ass. I’ve used this once under the tongue. I did vape it for a few days and its wonderful vaped. Tastes and smells like a menthol cigarette. And your burps taste like peppermint patties for while too.

Strawberry: This is the ONLY one that was bought through an actual website that wasn’t Amazon. Its very thick and sticky and that does make a difference when you’re using it under the tongue method. It tastes like Robitussin. I’m not a fan of that flavor at all. But when you vape it it does taste like strawberries.

Staying Power.

When you’re taking this for pain, you want longer lasting. When I was using the peppermint I felt like the vape pen was glued to my hand, because it always felt like it would get to a good point, and I’d drink coffee or eat, and the pain would return faster than I would have liked. I also felt like I had to take other medications with it. Especially for my migraine headaches. As for the fibro pain it doesn’t matter how much I vape, most of the time it stays pretty much all day as long as I keep a vape dose three times.

As much pain as I was in from the muscle pain and pulled muscle yesterday, today I feel just as great as ever. This really has changed my life for the better. Even my doctor is excited that I feel better. And she’s cleared me to start to work out as normal again. YAY! Of course I’m going to take it slow and start from yoga and work my way up. But the CBD oil does make a difference. And the better quality the oil, the longer it will last.

In other words, really do your research when you’re dealing with CBD oil. Just because its a high dose doesn’t mean it will work as well or last as long.

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