Day 3: CBD oil

All good things come to an end. Today is day three of the CBD oil and today I woke up with an insane migraine. I have been vaping all day and ended up realizing that my battery was dead so I changed the battery. I also had to take a fioricet and put the kids down for a nap and take one myself. Its still working but the migraine that broke through was just unbearable. I didn’t take a dose orally like I did on the first day with the first bad migraine, because I wanted to see what continued vaping would be like, that and its really gross tasting.

I still do have my neuro appointment but I’m afraid it may end up with my going to the ER. I’m now waking up with clear fluid coming out of my ear. I just don’t know guys, I’m really afraid. The CBD oil is doing its job and I feel great, except for this headache that’s broken through. I just don’t care that its there.

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