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I’ve been drinking Protein drinks since 2012 when I had my RNY gastric bypass.  Since my medical trauma and nine surgeries most protein drinks have started to make me very sick to my pouch. Since I am supposed to drink at least two shakes a day to meet my protein needs (85 g a day) if I am not getting them in food protein (which is really hard to do) this was a problem. I joined a group on Facebook that lead to a few other groups and was introduced to the website Bariactriceating. On this website they sell everything from vitamins to Inspire shakes, and snacks.

I bought two flavors of protein shakes and I’d like to tell you about them since I am SO excited about them. First they do not make me sick. They are thin so its like drinking flavored milk. Its not like a milk shake like other shakes can be. I got Caramel Latte that has espresso in it for an extra kick and does taste good added to coffee in the mornings. Its got a smooth sweet flavor that really does taste like a caramel candy. Its not a fake chemical taste which really impressed me.

The second flavor I ordered was PB cup. I love peanut butter cups. This shake actually does taste like a fresh peanut butter cup. Sweet chocolate and peanut butter blended to this amazing flavor. Its not too sweet, but its just sweet enough to pass for a candy flavored shake with out triggering your brain to WANT the real thing. Again this shake is very smooth, and not thick at all. Which is nice.

Both of these shakes provide 20g of protein a serving and is only 96 calories. These shakes are designed for weight loss surgery patients to make sure its easy to digest and absorb. Its also fun to drink and makes you want to drink it. It helps you cut the cravings for carbs and eat less.

I give this shake line 5 out of 5 stars.

(This is an honest review based on my purchases from this website. I was not asked or sponsored in anyway to do this review, but I wanted to let everyone know how amazing these shakes are.)

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