My children… are winning this week.

I’ve been fighting off the same migraine all week. I’m maxed out on Tylenol and thankfully my doctor gave me something to take that helps today or I might have gone insane. Years ago, I’d been on Vicodin, but recent studies have shown that vicodin use has caused ping-back migraines so I told her that may not be the best idea. But I was desperate to get some relief and not fry my liver.  You know, since its the only organ in my abdomen that’s not effed up.

I am beyond grateful for my doctor. Because this week, my kids have kicked my butt. I’ve been holding an ice pack to my head while they’ve taken advantage and have been typical toddlers getting into everything. My house is a mess, my toddlers are running around giggling, wearing butter bowls as crowns and winter coats as capes. They are learning to dress themselves by putting pants on their heads and laughing about it.

I felt like I was missing out on my kid’s happy moments. Their play time. I did manage to take a walk with them and take photos of them outside while they were playing. I also managed to finish a book I was reading, and pick up the floors every night and vacuum every morning. The dishes got done as they needed.

But now that my headache is gone I can finally say that I can enjoy the kids.

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