The plague has hit the house… and it started with me

I can’t win. If its not abscesses or surgeries, or being admitted to the hospital I have had my run of bad luck. Starting yesterday I felt the ick coming on. I’ve been coughing that asthma cough I get every year. Then I started bringing up stuff… and then yesterday my throat started, my nose began to get stuffy and I was tired.

I went to bed last night not feeling well and had to endure a toddler that decided the hours of 1-3:30 am was party time. I woke up this morning exhausted, feeling like crap and I manged to get up, get the baby down stairs, and breakfast, coffee and everyone fed before I fell on the couch.

I ended up having to text my Mom for help because I was dizzy and couldn’t hold my head up more than a few inches off my pillow that I brought down from the bedroom for the couch. She helped out with lunch and trying to get Jason down for a nap but he woke up right before she went home. He is coughing too so his breathing treatments have been upped too.

John and Angel has been very protective of me today as well.  I wish I could stand for more than a few minutes because I would be bleaching and lysoling everything.  The thought of the germs that are making me sick just festering is making my anxiety run higher than normal today and I want to sleep, but can’t because there’s so much I should be doing.

So the viral ick that has been going around has finally hit this house. And as soon as I can I will be cleaning all the things. And if I’m not better with in a few days I’ll get me and the kids to the doctor. But for now, its snuggle in and Netflix time.

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