I went to the doctors a week ago for answers as to why I was in pain all the time. And for the most part I did get answers. The medication I was given works beautifully so far. But my back and side continually got worse. A lot worse, so Sunday night, the premiere of the Walking Dead night that’s like my Mom’s houses super bowl, I went to the ER thinking that my appendix was going to explode or my intestines were revolting again. I had a CT scan done, blood tests, and urine taken and everything came back clean except the CT scan.

The doctor was freaked out and told me to get my butt to my surgeon right away, which I did. He didn’t have an opening so I was directed to the ER and rinse and repeat. All they found was that I had a severe UTI that the ER the previous night had missed, as well as my PCP, and gave me antibiotics.

So here I am scared out of my wits end, thinking that something serious was going on, that would need surgery and I was getting admitted, and I was going to go through hell all over again and it was a stinking UTI. A common problem that should have been taken care of a week ago!

I at least have some antibiotics in my system that are taking effect and I’m feeling much better now and in a lot less pain. I’m just so done with all of these stupid abscesses and infections. I’m so tired of being in pain…

I do have a lot of faith in the medication I’m on now, because I do feel so much better. I just hope that plans follow through and what I want to do with the rest of my life becomes realty.

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