I went to the doctor’s today and it went surprisingly well. I didn’t think I would be believed as anything more than a drug seeker. I was so afraid that all she would think I was after was narcotics. Which is kinda nuts since I had no plans on asking for them.

I did get tested for a UTI because I had them chronically as a kid, and now when I do get them they tend to be asymptomatic. So my rapid test came up with nothing, but its going to get sent away just to make sure there’s nothing more to look for.

I told her what I was going through and how the depo was making me gain weight, and since the weight gain (which I am losing as fast as I can.) But I can barely move first thing in the morning and how depressed I’ve been. And she has me on a new medication because of the family history of Fibromalgia.

So in a month if things still aren’t better we’ll go from there. But for now I have answers.

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