John 3:16 Pondering

I was going to promise that this was not going to turn into some religious blog, but I can’t. Being a Mormon is a huge part of my life now. I want to know my Heavenly Father now, more than ever, because I’m a parent now too.

Let me explain this a little bit. I’m a parent I would do anything for my children. I would die and kill for my children. I’ve gone with out food so my children could eat. I’ve made sacrifices, fought, protected my children.

“God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not die, but have ever lasting life.” – John 3:16

God is a parent, and He gave His son, His only son to come to this earth and live, and die in a horrible way for all of us. As a teenager I never understood that love. I never understood that sacrifice. I always thought that it was only Jesus that made the sacrifice to come to earth, but the bigger sacrifice was the parent, watching, and being unable to interfere. To watch as His son was whipped, beaten, and crucified. To watch as Jesus was in the Garden of Eden and bleed from every poor and suffer as he did, and to be betrayed and unable to do anything about it. That kind of sacrifice I am unable to even imagine as a parent because if my boys were in that situation I would move heaven and earth to protect them, to save them. But Jesus had a job to do. He loved us enough to agree to have this done to him, and he knew what was going to happen.

And how to we humans repay this incredible gift? We hate, and we wage war, and we are greedy. We fear and we rape and we gossip. We ban refugees out of fear, we build walls to keep people out, we spray paint nazi symbols, and other horrendous crimes

Sure we are an imperfect race. But do you know who’s got it right? Dogs and Children. Dogs teach us to love unconditionally, and children teach us to see the world in wonderment and curiosity. There’s a lot to learn from children as we teach them. If we just slow down and take the time to look, children are wonderfully innocent and have this special connection with Jesus and Heavenly Father, and they see them everywhere and you can hear it in their laugh, and see it in the sparkle in their eyes.

I may not know everything, but this I do know. I will take it line upon line. Precept upon precept until I understand everything I need to.

Until I blog again. Bless you!

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