Dear Mr. President,

Dear Mr. President,

I am inspired by one of my favorite artists, and fellow Pennsylvania native, P!INK, to write you this blog post. So please, Sir, would you take a walk with me?

Sir, I encourage, no, I dare you to take a college ethics class. You see Mr. President, I am of the same faith of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I was born into the church and was baptized into that church at 8 year’s old. I blindly accepted their teachings on conservative, Pro-life stances until I left the church at 18 year’s old.

When I was accepted into college, I was accepted first into a local community college, and was able to take ethic by a wonderful professor named Robin Allis. She had us watch What the Bleep do I know? And she also had us watch “The Walls Have Eyes.” a movie about the history of abortion in this country.

I value this class and this movie, because up until this point I was Pro Life. I was 110% against abortion for every woman out there, and I knew that I would never get one myself. I thought I had it all down in my book of life’s morals. But then I watched this movie, and watched as women had back ally abortions, and got severe infections, and died, or would be stuck with an unwanted pregnancy and then would raise a child they resented already burned out from being stretched too thin. A feeling I know all too well having a two year old and a one year old with chronic heath issues.

What I didn’t know were there are people in this world that shoot up clinics that serve abortions, and that doctors and nurses are often times victims of these violent acts, just because they help women end a pregnancy that they may not have wanted, expected, or planned on.  I now value the fact that a woman has the chance to choose what to do with an unplanned pregnancy. I value the choice. For me personally I choose to be pro life. I’ve had two miscarriages and now have two awesome little boys that I thank God for every single day. But I still respect and value that other women’s choices are none of my business. But I agree they should have that choice. Especially for rape and medical emergency.

Summer of 2015 also changed a lot in my mind as well, as my own body aborted my pregnancy to save my life on July 13. I was dying and I had no idea. Abortions that are medically necessary, Mr. President, are not frivolous they are necessary to keep a woman alive to fight another day.

Also Mr. President, since you are a man, and probably have never felt what it was like to be raped, abused or molested in anyway, since you, Sir, are the man with power, you do not know what it is like to be powerless. But humbly Sir, as someone who was raped, I prayed for days that my period would come for once since I have PCOS, I rarely had a timely period. But I got my period that month and I was so thankful. Because I not only had to deal with my trauma of being raped, but I also had to deal with the choice of did I want a child by the man that did the trauma to me.

Mr. President I also assure you that even though I am a SAHM I am smart. I’m currently in school for photography. But I am not less than my fiance. We are equal, a team. We support each other’s dream, and we encourage each other in all we face. I chose to be a stay at home mother because its the greatest privilege I can do as a woman is to be a mother, and a present one at that.

Mr. President, the time for shock and awe is over. The time for action is up you. But there’s something you have to remember, you do not have a uterus, so you really have no place at all in telling those of that do own one what to do with it and how to control it. Especially since there are men out there can’t control their genitals.

So until you magically pick up a book and become educated a vagina and a uterus please keep politics out of ours. Or at least get a few females on your staff that will speak up for the equal and fair rights of women in this country. Before the women that fought for our right to vote, did so for nothing.


A very nervous woman, mother, sister, daughter, wife to be, who chooses to stay home with her kids by her own choice. A woman who can think for herself with out marching and wearing very silly VA-JAY-JAY hats, and using vulgar language.

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