Resetting to a WLS diet.

When you’ve had weight loss surgery you have a new diet for the rest of your life. Because your body doesn’t absorb the nutrients that you’re putting into your body, like it did pre-wls you have to be so smart and so careful what you’re putting into your body.
But do you know how your body works?

When you eat you instantly begin to break down the food as you chew. The chemical process is already starting when your saliva mixes with your food as you chew. When you swallow it would be further broken down with the stomach acid in your stomach – but wait! You no longer have stomach acid in your pouch, so you have to chew to an apple sauce like consistency so once it gets to your intestines where it will then meet the gastric juice to continue the digestion  process. When you eat sugars, or carbs your pancreas will break it down by releasing the hormone called insulin. If your body doesn’t produce this hormone you are then diagnosed as a diabetic. Your kidneys and liver are what helps to detox and flush our your body.

So what are you putting into your body? Fruits and vegis? Lean meats? Protein bars and shakes? What you are eating gets transferred to energy so are you feeling like crap and really rundown? Check your diet. Make sure you’re eating for health not just because your bored. Are you adding vitamins to your daily routines? Drinking enough water? Getting a work out in?

Feeding your soul is just as easy as feeding your body. I’ve learned that your body is a gift and that you shouldn’t waste a single day. But if your putting chemicals and things in your body that are dangerous and addictive you’re not helping you or your body long term.

Choose to love yourself enough to choose health.

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