Surprise Blessings

Dj left for work on Tuesday and of course there were some bugs to get out of the system. Because of e-logs he had to be logged in and they were having some trouble logging him into the system. But they did get him logged in. Then he realized that like normal, he forgot his pillows. I had to stop at the Family Dollar on the way home for Pull Ups and dog food anyway so I could meet him near  by and hand off his pillows from the house.

He found out before he left that he’s being paid as an owner operator- this is a huge difference in pay grade and a huge blessing for us. We won’t be in debt for very much longer because of this increase in pay. He looked so happy and so proud of himself.  I of course was happy for him and so proud that he’s making his dreams come true.

Daisy, our rescue dog that we got last Christmas, is finally playing with us. She plays with DJ and I the most because she does play rough. I have a bruise on my hand where she chomped it trying to get to her toy we were playing tug of war with. She corrected herself by sitting instantly letting go of my hand and the toy waiting for me to let her have it. I didn’t have to scold her at all. She knew she’d made a mistake. She’s much gentler with the boys.

Angel is doing much better with letting us know when she’s got to go outside. I take her outside and tell her to go pee pee or to go to the bathroom and she does it on command. Which is amazing. She’s also learned sit, stay, come, as well as the signs for sit and come that John’s learned from his speech therapist.

John’s speech therapist is off this week, but we’ve been practicing the signs for “more” and “please” because those seem to be the most he struggles with. He’s still pretty nonverbal.  But we are getting him to say one word answers. Its progress and he’s working on it. Jason on the other hand is rocking speech and he’s almost walking! He stands on his own now, and will take two or three steps if he thinks no one is watching.

We’re also working on potty training with John. He’s interested in the potty all by himself so we are following suit.

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