Twas the Night Before Christmas

Today was interesting to say the least. We were finally able to make it into town to get my medication that there were no longer refills on. My topomax being one of the medications that had no refills left, is my migraine prevention medication and since I’d been out of that for longer than two days I had the beginnings of a migraine this morning. I took some Tylenol, drank some coffee and got to the pharmacy ASAP.

The problem was by the time we got to the pharmacy and I was able to get my medication taken it was too late. The damage was done and my head was throbbing.The pharmacy tech was amazing, my old pharmacy had one of my scripts held hostage and should not have even attempted to refill the script since I had to get my blood drawn for a thyroid check, and because its a muchly needed medications he did everything in his power to be able to fill that script, and he did. My old pharmacy also filled my antidepressant that was the lower first dose 20 mg less than what I normally took so I’ve been dealing with mild SSRI with drawl. Thankfully all of my medications are now filled, and soon I will have all of my vitamins. I may have to look into a bariatric friendly iron supplement because my iron is still REALLY low. I doubled the dose tonight in hopes that it will bring it back to normal. I really want cast iron frying pans and cookware soon to help with my low iron.

We were opening presents today with Mom, R, S, and C so we could just have the food tomorrow, and the presents (There were a lot.) wouldn’t be in the way. Thankfully I had some stronger pain meds to curb the migraine. It took a few more doses than I would have liked but its gone now.

I got a bunch of owl stuff which I love, two mason jars of cookie mix and a coffee cup that’s got a lid and looks like a snow man (DJ got one to match his is blue and mine’s pink.) The kids got a lot of stuff from them and they had a ball. There was a small meat and cheese tray and coffee. It was nice to just spend the day relaxed and with family. It was fun.

I had no wrapped any presents at all until tonight because I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to wrap them with so much unknown, and now that its settled and we know what’s going to be happening with the job front I’m much more relaxed. I’m also so incredibly grateful.  That I have friends and family that I do.

When we got home I got to work giving Jason a breathing treatment and getting the living room ready to wrap presents and get the tree set up for tomorrow. I’m happy to say that all presents are wrapped and I only broke a thumb nail doing it. And my migraine is gone, and hopefully will stay gone.


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2 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before Christmas

  1. I have never had a migraine, at least I don’t think I have, but I do have regular cluster headaches and they are bad enough. So I couldn’t even imagine having to deal with regular migraines. Glad you were able to get your meds.

    I have iron deficiency and my cast iron pains have helped some. Try an iron supplement with vitamin c, such as Vitron-C. The vitamin C helps your body absorb dietary iron more effectively. I have to track my iron every day with finger pokes and since I started using Vitron-C, my iron has increased.

    1. OOh thank you for the tip! Right now I take two 65 MG twice a day on top of calcium and a multi but I have such terrible absorption issues its unreal.

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