Sometimes Lady Luck does fancy a visit.

I won’t lie, the past few months have been really rough for us with gas industry hours going down to zero ish for the company that DJ works for. Thankfully we’ve been able to call to make arrangements for everything before anything really got out of control. Through these past two months, we of course exhausted every local outlet a class A CDL holder could work with decent pay, hours and benefits. But there was nothing.

So DJ called a company that he had left on good terms with and made arrangements to go back there. He would have left Monday and wouldn’t have gotten to work until after the new year. After he and I ironed out all of the details, another call came in with the question, “Do you wanna buy a truck?”

I don’t mean a truck, I mean a rig. A Kenworth sleeper 18 speed purple people eating monster. And a flat bed trailer. Today was spent in the car for the most part (I managed to read half the book I started a few days ago “Of Fire And Stars.”) but all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were signed.

He leaves Monday to go over he road, will be back for New Year’s Eve and then off he goes again. We made it home late and of course John flips out, then the dog bolts for it and I’m so sore I can barely move. It was bad. We got her back inside just fine it was irritating to be in the cold chasing her!

So much stress has left me. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to make up for the layaways we had to cancel to pay bills and get less than what we wanted too for the kids and each other. I am blessed however, that we are healthy, happy and very much in love.


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