The Winter Blah’s

Winter is such a hard season for me. Not only do I get more depressed in the winter, but my body now aches with the cold and chill that comes with winter wonderhell.
I keep telling my other half that we may have to move south permanently because of my body’s revolt against Pennsylvania’s cold winter months. He agrees and we have plans down the line but nothing permanent yet.
I finally made an appointment to try on wedding gowns at a local bridal shop, and I’m so excited. The problem is that it could very well be after the New Year and DJ’s leaving to go back over the road.
There’s not so many days until Christmas and I am so not ready. I don’t want to wrap anything or do anything because I’ve been so depressed. I wouldn’t be depressed if the pharmacy hadn’t messed up my antidepressant but now I’m just winging it till my doctor’s appointment.
Yesterday I fell in my kitchen because of the dogs and I twisted some things I shouldn’t have twisted and I feel it today. The boys are wrestling on the couch. I never realized how physical boys were until I had a few myself. Dear Lord I’m in for it.

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