The one where I smash my finger because of a box review

So I am apart of all these Facebook groups right? Of course I am, I’m a stay at home mom with two boy toddlers that don’t really speak yet, so I join Facebook groups that spark my interests. Photography, paper planning, and Cosmetics and make up.

Some were swap groups for Ipsy and other subscription boxes where you could swap items from one sub box to another etc. And everyone was talking about BoxyCharm and how awesome it was because it was 5 full size high end cosmetics instead of just samples and how the company guarantees a minimum value of $90 worth of products every month for just $21.

I was curious so I got one. And I LOVE IT. Full review to come later.

On my way home from grabbing the mail, and stopping at the gas station it was snowing and cold so I was in a hurry to get into the house. And I ended up not paying attention and smashed my finger into the car door.

I am not impressed. It hurt so bad and I did everything in my power to not scream, cry and cuss. But it looks really bad now and it just throbs now. I am so embarrassed because I did it to myself and super frustrated because IT HURTS.

On a good note I can still peck at the keyboard using the first and middle finger in my right hand, and I can still write with a pen so I managed to get Unit 1 done and I am now at my first photo project. I have my assignment I have my memory card, my camera and its to freaking cold to go outside to do anything. 🙁

So I’m going to have to set up something in the house, or brave the cold. I’m not really liking this idea. But if I have to do it to get the shot I will.

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One thought on “The one where I smash my finger because of a box review

  1. I just got my first Ipsy glam bag the other day and I wasn’t impressed. So I’m going to cancel it and try BoxyCharm. I hear a lot of good things about it.I hope your finger feels better.

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