(Hopefully) a busy next few days.

After re-reading the last blog post, I should clarify a few things. First off, we are trying a few new things with Turk. I swear this is going to turn into a Parenting 101 of ADHD children blog. I’m going to try not to let that happen but it is what it is. So I painted three mason jars. Blue, Purple and Black. The blue jar is the punishment jar, the black jar is the “I’m bored” jar and the purple is the rewards jar. Inside we’ve made little slips of paper that have listed punishments, extra chores or tasks and rewards that he can draw. He chooses to be good, he gets a card, he chooses to be bad he draws a card. He’s in charge of his own fate with this system. So we began this system Wednesday and he already had to draw two punishment cards because he decided to push the limits. I’m tired of yelling at him to do stuff, I’m tired of repeating myself to do things he knows he has to do daily. So we wrote out his daily routine, chores and time frames he’s got to do everything in writing posted on the wall in the kitchen. This eliminates the 1000 questions and he knows that he can look for himself what time it is, and that unless he has an appointment he needs to be a child and not worry so much about daily appts. I have that covered thanks to Cozi Calendar app on my Iphone (thank you prepaid and S for trading me!) Well we have this system set up for two reasons. First because he likes to try to play the victim. “Every body’s picking on me and bullying me.” Well kid, you did this to yourself so here’s your punishments. We have a double chore challenge point day set up as well so he earns double points towards his month goal. April is a four wheeler helmet for 400 points and he earns those with good grades, chores and good behavior.

We’ve also been told by the doctor to keep giving him coffee and until his behavior gets bad or the mental health eval she won’t put him on anything else. I’m honestly about ready to switch doctors because she’s good, but she also doesn’t want to try another medication, or even try to help us understand. We’re doing everything right, he’s just fighting every step of the way. There is also a very long mental health list on both sides of the family, so there very well could be something more going on than just typical bad behavior.

I won’t lie when I say that there are things that bother me about this entire situation. That I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and that there’s a part of me that’s afraid that my life will some how end as I know it. I love my life very much but there’s this nervousness I feel that soon it will come crashing at my feet. I’m hoping this is just anxiety which, I’m pretty sure it is… but just ugh.

Anyway, there’s a busy next few days happening. Turk has counseling on the first and the second I have my baby appointment and I’m praying that the doctor isn’t going to send me for another ultra sound only to tell me they are taking him early. The 3rd is my pay day but its also Turk’s b-day. The 4th is the DRD where the child support gets dropped because Turk is in our care 90% of the time instead of with his mom.


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