Updates and pictures! Lots and Lots of pictures!

Oh March… I have hated and loved you. You have had some awesome weather and yet… here it is THE END OF MARCH and they are calling for freezing rain and more cold. Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

Anyways. So I had to go in for another ultra sound for Baby J and they managed to get a 3D image before letting me go pee. (I’d over filled my bladder.) J was asleep, snuggled up to my bladder. 10013407_787726393554_412252527_o He’s adorable already! The ultra sound estimated him to be around 4.5 lbs. So by the time he’s born he’s going to be weighing in at around 7-9 lbs. I’m super excited for this and at the same time scared.
My friend Beth for Christmas got a DSLR so I let her take some maternity pictures of me and they came out pretty good. She’s got some raw talent there, and I can honestly say I’m very happy with them. 1455843_789073379184_903942521_n




Turk.. well he’s been a hand full. We had a meeting with the school for academic reasons and come to find out his behavior was the true root of the problem and we are now fighting to get him straitened out because his attitude is SO BAD that his teachers are very fed up with him. So off we went to the doctor to put him back on ADHD medication and he was put back on Focalin… yeah no. He hit his mother square in the back after being on it a week. A WEEK and his attitude was 100 times more awful and then he went back to being ok with physical abuse. So we took him right back off of it and started giving him coffee until he could be seen again. Well his physican isn’t going to give any medication until a mental health eval because she also thinks that there’s something more going on in his brain than just ADHD. So now we wait until NTC will clear him ok for mental health evaluation. Its so frustrating because he’s such a smart child.
DJ was off of work because the frac sites were down for almost a week, he had to leave for work tonight so I get to be home alone. Which might not be such a bad thing, considering that I have been sick most of the day with cramps and similar third trimester related pain. So after this blog post its off to bed for me. Tomorrow I’m going to sit down and redo this entire site’s graphics and possibly a layout change as well. I’m just done with this one. Thursday I can’t wait for!

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