It’s to early for this!

Yesterday after waking up to get Turk on the bus, then going back to bed with a really bad sinus headache, and waking up LATE, we got up and around to go to Beth and Jeb’s rehearsal and lunch. They are getting married TODAY~ I’m super excited for them.

Anyways, the hall is beautiful and I’m sure the bride will be too. After a few dry runs, because DJ is in the wedding, that’s why we were there FYI, Beth goes ok lets decorate! Well I’m game. So we decorated the hall and OMG Its amazing! I can’t wait to post pictures! We went to the lunch and it was amazing, I had a Ruben which I’d been craving (Thanks’ Beth and Jeb) and DJ asks me what time it is and it was 3:45 pm… Turk gets off the bus at 4 pm so we called our land lord to grab him, and we headed home. đŸ™‚

We got home literally just after Turk did, and he was walking to the barn with the land lord happy as all get out. He hopped in the car and we pulled into the drive way and DJ and I asked the usual after school questions.. homework? Nope its Friday… ok good. How was your day? Awesome. You’re awesome Turk. We told him that Dad was gonna burn papers and he was gonna help and if he helped he got a cupcake. That little guy worked his tale off and it was so WARM. It didn’t get cold until around 7:30 that night! So he went in had dinner to ‘warm up’ aka take a break at my insistence (I had a headache so I stayed inside until it subsided.) and then out he went bundled up and ready to work. They got a lot accomplished and after awhile I told him to go have his cupcake.

Once DJ got the pile down he came inside and we had some coffee (him) then we went to bed. I’m so blessed and so happy! I woke up this morning at 6:15 AM thinking I have to PEE ran down stairs and started getting ready for the wedding today. I’m just super excited for Beth and Jeb. They are wonderful people and I’m so happy I got to know them.

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