29 weeks

I’m officially in the third trimester. I’m feeling rather LARGE and hormonal. I’ve freaked out a number of times, and ended up in tears because I felt so bad about getting so mean. I’ve had regular night terrors since mid 2nd trimester. I’m eating ALL the salsa in the house… on eggs, blue corn chips, putting in already made chili. I have gas, cramps, and braxton hicks. My baby thumps me from morning to night, and sometimes to the beat of whatever song I’m listening too.

I’m scared of labor, I’m scared of not being a good mother. I’m scared of just about everything.

Then I envision my son. My little boy and how cute he’s gonna be. How I hope he’s got his Daddy’s blue eyes and not my hazel ones. How much I can’t wait to hold and snuggle and smell the baby. Sure I get exhausted and am ready for bed most nights by 8 pm. But growing up.. its this adventure that I never thought I’d have, and now with being ALL belly and waiting for my little baby boy to get here. I realize that its worth it. It’s all worth it.

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