Can we stop with the snow please?

I live in Pennsylvania. I understand more than I can express the hazards of living on the East Coast AND living in/on/around/near a snow belt. But the last time we got this much snow dumped on us was 1996, I was in 6th grade.

Thankfully my car is a Jeep with 4 wheel drive, or else we wouldn’t be going any where any time soon. The snow is literally up to my knees. Poor Turk has to literally climb over the snow and the dogs are doing their business in the semi shoveled walk away because both of them are small breed dogs. Tiny made the mistake earlier today of trying to chase a cat that was in the card, and sunk in the snow. She came in shivering, shaking the snow off and gruffing at her self.

Other than that its been pretty uneventful around here. I am struggling right now with how to deal with my step son NOT wanting to speak to his mother AT ALL. Like he flat out says “I don’t want to talk to her, she choose her boyfriend over me.”  As much as I don’t like the woman, and as much as I bitch, how the hell do you deal with this level of hurt? DJ and I have both given Turk the choice to call her, talk to her if she would give us ONE number and ONE number only but he refuses. He’s really hurt by the fact that she ran away with a man she’d been talking to for 6 months previous to them getting together. And I am trying to be there for him to talk to, but he’s a little boy, he’s not the emotional kind. He’s the act out explain later kind.

Thankfully DJ talked to his Mom and she apparently is understanding but is still pushing to see him for an entire weekend and Turk, in his own words, just isn’t ready. He’s so mad at her. I’ve only felt that kind of rage a few times and never towards my parents. My heart breaks for the little dude really. I just wish I could wave a magic wand and make him feel less pain.

I’m also concerned because he’s showing a lot more symptoms of wanting to fit in, but not knowing how to fit in and just generally getting lost with day to day tasks. Like for example, he asks a million and 1 questions instead of trying to do it for himself first. And he seems scared to try and scared to do for himself. Of course we don’t let him do major things alone, but even putting things away he’s asking questions like he doesn’t have confidence he’ll get it right.

*sigh* Being a parent is hard, and with him having a 5 day weekend due to snow, its harder for him. AND he has strep throat. We managed to catch it before he got the high fever. It started with the bad gas, then he got really bad breath, and Thursday he came home with a sore throat but we thought it might have been due to his really bad cough. You can’t medicate a common cold away, but we made an appointment after we both looked at his throat. His doctor even said that she didn’t think it was strep, but we were right and he’s been on an antibotic for two days and is beginning to feel better, but we’ve also been telling him to rest, and read and just relax.

Relaxing for a child with ADHD is like pulling teeth. We explained that if he gets sicker it could be painful and dangerous so we weren’t being mean but he needed to REST. READ, lay down, take naps basically just do nothing strenuous until he gets better. Yesterday and today he’s been listening to us and he’s sounding a lot better. Less cracking in his voice.

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