Super Sunday? Not really.

To cut bill costs we choose to not have TV. Instead we have Hulu Plus, Netflix, and other online streaming websites. The only downfall is that we can’t watch the specials RIGHT NOW. And for a few of us football fans the one event a year that’s supposed to be the highlight of the entire season… became a super nothing.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I had hoped my Eagles would make it further than what they did. But I also had a feeling that the Seahawks would end up taking it. However they killed it. Totally killed it! I was on reading the high lights of the came as it was happening until I passed out around 8:30 pm.

I had no pizza, no wings, just baked ziti and garlic bread. I stayed cuddled in and watched House and just called it a day. Sundays are usually my days to get the house cleaned for the week, so I only have to do spot cleaning but yesterday I was just not feeling the whole cleaning thing. I did laundry sorting so we could get that done this week. I made breakfast and got DJ off to work. He had such a good start to his day yesterday and it ended crappy.

We found out Jason Aldean is going to be at the New York State Fair Grandstand. So we agreed that we’d all go, well we all as in the baby stays with Grandma (my mother.) and we also got Britt to come with us.

Turk has been having issues with doing his chores and doing them correctly. ALL he has to do during the week is walk the dogs and empty out the dish washer and reload it. And when it comes to the dishes he’s been getting worse and worse. He doesn’t take the dogs out long enough and then they go on the floor so we set up a system where he owns us money from his allowance for every time we have to clean up, correct, or make him re-do a chore. In three days he’s down twenty bucks and didn’t get credit for two book summaries he wrote down to get bonus cash. This morning I told him he’s got one month to prove he can earn his allowance or he’s not going to the fair with us because we aren’t going to take someone 3 hours away that isn’t mature enough to do chores.

We are trying to teach him a good worth ethic, to work hard, smart, and to do his best and to value hard work and sacrifice. I don’t want him slamming doors he might need later in life just because he expects to be waited on hand and foot the way his mother used to do. Its of no use not teaching children life skills they are going to need, and use daily. You can’t not do dishes, unless you hire a maid or get disposable. You can’t not take care of dogs or pets and expect us to get you your very own pet when you can’t take care of the ‘family’ pet. You want electronics that are over $50 that have net access so you can play games? Well prove you can take care of what you have, and prove you’re mature enough to have responsibility to not lie, to take care of yourself and your things, and to do your chores.

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