Yummy pot roast is yummy

Ok this entire blog post isn’t really about pot roast, but I must say that I’m pretty happy with the dinner I made. I threw some potatoes, an onion, mushrooms, garlic, carrots and corn in the crock pot with a frozen chuck roast and set it on low for about 5 hours, then turned it up on high for 4 more.

I also did buttered garlic herb noodles with roasted peppers and zuccini chunks. Turk was really happy with dinner and I am too! I have mastered the pot roast! WOOHOO crock pots!

Anyway, nothing realy has been going on here, at least nothing worth writing about. I’m nesting which means I’m going through everything and throwing away what’s un-needed, unwanted and just plain cluttered. Dj had to work today so he grabbed some cookies, fruit salad, and coffee to work with him and can’t wait to get home to have some.

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