Waking up with a migraine…

Last night we had a pretty late night. Ok lets back up. Yesterday we had to go up to Sayre to pick up my glucose meter because I can’t take the glucose drink for the gestational glucose test. So I have to monitor 1 hour after every meal and to get a fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning. After that we went to a friend of mine’s house to pick up a changing table for the baby. Its beautiful and I think it’s made our choice of crib stain a lot easier.

Well we came home and we got to talking about what’s going to save us money in the long run with the heating fuel so we went back up to Athens to pick up an electric fire place with storage shelves for the PG-13 movies and other ‘child and family’ movies that we keep down stairs. We went through the DVDs and separated the ‘adult rated Pg-13 and above’ and the PG-13 and under (because lets face it there are some awesome movies that are PG-13 that are family friendly. So the plan was to wake up a lot earlier than 11 something am get up having breakfast and coffee and get to work cleaning the down stairs living room carpet and begin to sort through things down here.

Well once we’d gotten up to Athens I had to take my blood sugar and I took it in the parking lot and the number is 181. That’s REALLY high. But I’d also had pizza and wings for dinner so I called my Dad and asked him for advice on what to do and he said to  retest in an hour. If it stayed high it’d be a bigger issue. But by 8:30 pm a hour after the first test it was 87 well with in the normal range.

But that got shot to hell when I got DJ up at 4 am to get him off to his meeting at 6 am this morning. I couldn’t lift my head above pillow level and Dj asked if I was alright because my face was all red. The red face was because I’d just rolled over and had my cheek on my hand lol.

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