Baby Update!

Today was my 25 week mark baby update. I’m now officially one week away from my third trimester. Its terrifying to know that I’m only three months away from having this little baby and panicking because I really have very little in the way of baby supplies. I would have been more than set if I was having a little girl because we had such a strong feeling it was a girl, and sure enough he takes after his test and POOF penis. I’m amused to say the least, because I’ve always  proven people wrong all my life. His Daddy is pretty defiant too.

All joking aside, we has a bit of a scare with the baby’s heart and had to have a 2nd ultra sound, the doctor’s assured us that it could be a calcium deposit which is harmless and will desolve eventually (by the time the baby is born.) I also asked about labor and birthing classes and its usually around 30 weeks for that so I have another month before that happens. BUT I did remember to ask! I also have to see an endocrinologist because I *can’t* drink the glucose test drink because of having RNY gastric bypass. Like AT ALL. It could cause a false positive and make me very sick in the process, aka dumping syndrome. The false positive is enough to worry about, but at the same time so its the dumping. I had dumping so bad one night I closed my eyes at 7:30 pm and didn’t wake up until around 11 am the next day. I couldn’t lift my head or open my eyes it was awful and since then I’ve been avoiding a lot of sugar like the plague! I kind of pushed it today because I felt my blood sugar go all wonky and low with an entire kit kat bar and trust me no sweets will be consumed for the next week or so!

My birthday is this Friday and I have to go to a doctor’s appt to get a monitor to measure my blood sugar levels through out the day. Yesterday and the day before I was in a lot of pain but that’s gone away so everything is back to normal.

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