New blog look, finally.

With everything going on in my life right now I’ve been wanting to play around with this theme since right after Christmas. It felt good to have a semi holiday theme up for the holidays and winter but lets face it being from North Eastern Pennsylvania we are sick of winter, polar vortex(es), ice and cold. I swear if I wake up one more morning with it being all white and snowy I’ll scream!

So besides that we have things pretty much figured out on a few aspects we are still pretty up in the air about other things. My Dad was supposed to bring us some things that my Mom and her room mates were giving us/selling us and he failed to do that because he was in such a hurry. So now we have to wait until either DJ gets a day off or we find someone that will help us. We are low on gas right now and getting DJ to work is kind of more important than going out to help my Mom move and get stuff that she’s giving us. I explained all this to her, and she understands because of the situation DJ’s ex has us in but really? Dad expects me to take his pictures and … well I just won’t finish that statement because I’m already upset about it.

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