World of Warcraft strikes again.

Alright my fellow readers, I have to apologize. My little sister begged me to begin playing WOW again and I caved and not only am I playing it but so is my fiancé. He loves the game and is already talking about buying the expansion packs etc. I just have to remember my email and password for my account that I have a level 40 some blood elf mage and lock on. Things here have settled down for a bit (knock on wood.) and I say this with total fear in my stomach because his ex went to get her stuff from the place she was kicked out of. In all fairness the woman gave her 10 days to get all of her belongings out of the house, and we went over and got Turk’s stuff so he’d have clothing and his toys here instead of having to split houses again. She hasn’t called in 8 days, not a phone call nothing. I blocked her on all of our accounts because she has the house number, she just refuses to call. So when she left the house mate said she’d left ALL her court papers, the certified letter that was sent to her by the courts, his birth certificate. So now we have to pick up all of those things, hopefully today. *sigh* I’m just so freaking upset for this little boy. Its not about me, or DJ its about Turk and right now she’s acting like she’s just going to walk away instead of fighting for her son. I’m ALREADY fighting for my child and he’s not even out of the womb yet. Good Lord I am just so amazed at the level of some people. If we didn’t have the proof that we have, I’d be a little more worried. But we have the proof, we have the witnesses and back up.

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One thought on “World of Warcraft strikes again.

  1. It sounds like she is ready to relinquish all parental rights to her son, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it sounds like you and your fiancé are not only willing to do right by your child, but by your future step son as well. Her actions scream negligence, so even if she doesn’t give up her rights, there is a strong case against her that she is unfit to be a mother.

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