You need to do this!

So for all of you athletes, first time mothers, or people with chronic pain issues you NEED to do this. I have been having access breast pain from the pregnancy, if its too cold they hurt, if the bra I’m wearing is too tight they hurt, if I don’t wear a sports bra they hurt…. It was driving me to sit topless in front of the space heater in the bedroom to warm them up while massaging them. I thought back several years ago when I was having severe migraines and thought about the rice sock I made to keep in the freezer and how well that worked.

Well the problem is I no longer EAT rice because my pouch just doesn’t like it and the baby hates it. So after being given several boxes of food from my Mom that she couldn’t eat, or wouldn’t eat to hold me over until grocery day I found a box of wild rice. Rice! Score!

Its so simple! This is what you do.

  1. Find a CLEAN white sock that’s tight knit and hole free.
  2. Put the uncooked rice inside the sock and shake it to the bottom.
  3. Tie a knot into the top of the sock.
  4. Throw sock in microwave for no longer that 45 seconds.
  5. Place on area of your body that needs pain relief.

I’ve been doing this for a few months now and let me just say that it works amazingly well. I just took a bath and when I came out my boobs were instantly sore so I heated up the rice sock and stuffed it into my bra and its helping to ease the pain and soreness as I type this. Ahhh relief!

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